Your ideas are welcome!

CTKArch has become what it is now thanks to user feedback.

If you have an idea, if possible in accordance with the philosophy, do not hesitate: share it! The forums are here for that.

If you find an obvious and stupid bug, (something that doesn't work as it should), you can send me an e-mail (
If it is a not-so-obvious bug or if it may be discussed, or maybe complicated to solve, you should come talk about it in the bugs section of the forum.

Create and share your Addons

Add-ons allow to add or modify anything in the Live system.

Do you think that a feature is missing? Make an add-on and share it!
Even if you just have an idea for a possible add-on, suggest it in the relevant section of the forums.

Finished add-ons will be added to the Download page.