CTKArchLive 0.6 add-ons' specification

In short

CTKArch 0.6's addons are squashfs archives created with mksquashfs, to put in the "addons" folder of the partition with the CTKhome label or of the ISO image.

Complete description

Any file included in an add-on replaces the genuine one in the base live system.
Keep this in mind, and avoid including useless or empty files!

An add-on can modify absolutely everything in the live system.

If you want to run scripts during boot, here are your options:
(do not replace initscripts: addons may conflict on that)

- To load kernel modules or specify module options, include a /etc/modprobe.d/something.conf file.

- To execute a script at any moment in the boot (using initscripts hooks), include it in a file named like /etc/rc.d/functions.d/something (for advanced system modifications)

- To execute a script after the daemons are started (before Xorg is launched, that is to say in rc.local), include it as /addons/rc/something: to perform modifs, run daemons…

- To automatically start something at the graphical session (as user arch), include a /addons/xsession/something.sh script.

Addons creation is guided by the script included in the live: /addons/mkaddon

The add-on's name must follow this syntax to be detected at bootup:

addon(optional number)-(ask or noask)-(addon's name)-(installable or nothing).sqfs


Addons will be mounted in the alphabetical order of their filenames, the optional number allows to force this order. It is only interesting in case of concurrent files in addons: which one must be taken?

ask or noask: do we want to be asked if the addon must be used (mounted) at bootup?

addon's name: should only contain letters, figures and some other characters (a-Z 0-9 _ -), even if theoretically anything else should work.

installable: adding 'installable' at the end of the addon's name will cause the installer to ask if it must be installed. Don't do this with an add-on designed to run in live only.


This addon just adds files to the system (the content of packages).
It is installable because copying its contents is like installing packages.

This addon is mounted first, because it contains files no other addon must overlay.


Upload your add-ons that can be useful to other people and e-mail the links to me or post them in the forum, they will be put on the website!