Tutorial: Install the live on a vFAT partition

You may need to keep a vfat (fat32) partition on your memory stick, for instance for some devices that can only read files on this filesystem.

Here are the instructions to have a CTKArch live system (0.4 or newer) on a storage media, while keeping the first partition in vfat.
You can of course create other partitions after this first one, as you wish. For instance a CTKhome partition.

Go to the folder where the iso is, and change the first line before running these commands:

disk=sdx # Target disk here (don’t pick the wrong one!)
cfdisk /dev/${disk} # Partition to your liking. The first partition (>600MiB) must be primary, and marked “bootable”.
mkfs.vfat -n CTKArch7 -I /dev/${disk}1
mount /dev/${disk}1 /mnt
mount -o loop ctkarchlive-0.7-i686.iso /media
cp -r /media/* /mnt/
cp /usr/lib/syslinux/bios/{vesamenu.c32,isolinux.bin} /mnt/boot/syslinux/
umount /media /mnt
syslinux /dev/${disk}1
dd bs=440 conv=notrunc count=1 if=/usr/lib/syslinux/mbr.bin of=/dev/${disk}