CTKArchLive Downloads

Latest release: 0.7
New bright theme included! Persistent system customisations in live are supported.

Boot on CD/DVD is 30% faster: files in the ISO are ordered! Added Asunder, obmenu…

The ‘Nouveau’ nVidia driver’s performance has increased by 50%! Suspend to disk (swap) supported.

Linux kernel, X.org 1.9.5-rc1. Released on 2011/04/07.

Read the instructions: you can burn those images on a CD/DVD, as well as write them on any storage medium, such as a memory stick/card or a hard disk.

Previous versions:

0.6 :
Translated to English/French! Complete early KMS and good 3D support; copy-to-RAM options at boot.
Addons supported on the CD itself. HAL deleted: faster boot! Added Sylpheed, volumeicon…
Linux kernel, X.org 1.9.2. Released on 2010/11/03.
0.5 :
Hybrid ISO images. Enhanced KMS support, experimental 3D with Nouveau driver for nVidia cards.
The persistent home partition can now contain add-ons, archives adding anything to the Live! Hot-copy to RAM possible, including add-ons.
Linux kernel, X.org 1.7.5-rc1. Released on 2010/02/06.
0.4 :
Hybrid disk images: universal ISO for CD / all storage media! New eye-candy bootloader.
News: copy to RAM, persistant documents partition, experimental KMS for Intel/ATI/nVidia, Nouveau for nVidia cards. Documentation (fr).
Linux kernel, X.org 1.7.3. Released on 2009/12/10.
0.3 :
Software added: brasero, lsof, bepo-keymaps (x64)… GTK theme overglossed-hybrid adjusted.
The Live is now installable! Boot time installed on an 1.5GHz, 480MB ram: 19s; 2.6GHz dual core : 12s. ☺
Linux kernel, X.org 1.6.4-rc1. Released on 2009/10/05.
0.2 :
Appearance: wallpapers, nice dark GTK theme and Azenis icon theme
Software added: tuxracer, gtkam (gphoto2), openssh, fbpanel-fr, avidemux… Sound now works out of the box; fbdev driver deleted for VMs.
Linux kernel, X.org 1.6.4-rc1. Released on 2009/09/23.
0.1 :
First version!
A lightweight LiveCD with the minimal set of lightweight applications for doing almost everything.
Linux 2.6.30 kernel, X.org 1.6.2-rc1. Released on 2009/07/05.