CTKArchLive 0.5 add-ons

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abiword-plugins — The Abiword plugins, in order to read and save in almost any format.
compizfusion — Compiz Fusion configured by myself, just to impress people.
conky — Conky, autoconfigured with a simple theme, to watch your system's resources state.
kernel26.31 — The Linux kernel, for some graphic cards where v2.6.32 causes problems.
locale-en — This add-on switches the live to the en_US locale and keyboard.
nvidia-blob — The nVidia proprietary driver, for cases where Nouveau doesn't work well (enough).
pacmandb — The 'sync' pacman database of the day the live was generated. Allows to install packages dating back to that moment.
web-blobs — JRE (java) and flashplugin, for web appelts.
wifi-blobs — All wifi drivers and firmwares working at least reasonably well under Linux.