New bright theme included! Persistent system customisations in live are supported.

Boot on CD/DVD is 30% faster: files in the ISO are ordered! Added Asunder, obmenu…

The ‘Nouveau’ nVidia driver’s performance has increased by 50%! Suspend to disk (swap) supported.

Linux kernel, 1.9.5-rc1. Released on 2011/04/07.


Nouveau supports new nVidia cards and its performances have increased a lot!

You can now save the changes of the whole system (not only the home folder) in the persistent data partition.

The add-ons creation script is now able to install packages from AUR.
Add-ons can now delete as well as add files when mounted.
The installer can copy the changes performed live in the installation.

All files in the ISO image have been ordered linearly on the disk, in the order they are read at boot. This prevents CD/DVD drives from wasting time moving their head a lot to fetch files dispersed on the disk.
Observed gain: 2mn25 ⇒ 1mn58 (PII 400MHz) ; 2mn10 ⇒ 1mn47 (un 900MHz) ; 1mn15 ⇒ 57s (core2 2.6GHz). Conclusion: an average live-cd wastes 20-30s when booting just moving the CD drive head.
The gain can also be felt at boot once installed on a hard disk. ☺ (of course, it is lower than on CD)

Environment :
A new bright white theme is available in the menu.
The menu has been remastered and offers new options: wallpaper choice, panel and desktop configuration, wicd tray icon…
Special keys on laptop for volume control should now work.
File associations have been tuned.

Added packages: asunder, obmenu, xorg-xcalc, slock, hexedit…

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Downloads: 0.7

Hybrid ISO images, i686 (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit)

Extras (sources, tools…)

Downloads (torrent and hotlinking not included): 21794