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"The BSD things in life are Free"
In forum "Community"
In topic "Welcome to the CTKArch Forums!"
Hi all,
Bienvenue :)
Unfortuately my french is extremely limited, even my English is full of typos, Lol
But well, 1st of all, great work on the CTKArch <- Thankyou.
I came to CTKArch becuase I wanted to know how "cp2ram" really worked, and I guess I found the source of it. That is such a cool script...
Salut !

A little introduction:
I'm not new to Unix, many moons ago I was a Sun/Solaris sys admin, alas, those days are long gone now, in fact so has Sun Microsystems :( 
But I really like Arch with it's simplicity and BSD-style init scripting, which is about as close as I will get these days to my older Solaris. :)

Thanks again, and I hope CTKarch continues it's long and healthy life.
Quote: Calimero at Sep 27, 2011 7:53:56 am
About the cp2ram script, it's unstable and nothing to be proud of…
The other implementation (in the initramfs) is cleaner, when choosing "Copy to ram" at boot.

btw: will "Copy to ram" still work ok with the new Arch kernel 3.* ?  (whenever you finally realease a new CTKarch 0.8 with a stable 3.* kernel).
I heard that aufs2 will be dropped, and will this impact in any way the ability to copy to ram, similar to how ctkarch has done it in the past. ?

Excuse me, but I'm just trying to understand this all, a bit more. In fact, I may be way off here. ;)

Thankyou again.
In topic "What distribution did you come from?"
... ALL of them.
I can't afford a "real" powerful MAC, so Arch Linux on a PC* is the next best thing -Desktop-wise.
In forum "Suggestions"
In topic "NetworkManager instead of Wicd"
I heard that NM (networkmanager) had a smaller memory footprint, and larger dirver support, once it's loaded, than wicd ?
but, whatever is better, in the long run, right?
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