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Why would it be bad doing an Archlinux-based liveCD? I don't understand the point, could you be more precise?
its not bad, just hard, and most arch users probably don't like the idea.

I understand your point exactly.  If you go to the Arch forum, many posters (especailly the moderators) seem to frown on any method that deviates from their narrow notion of the way things should be.

Once, I gave a newbie a direct answer to his question (instead of responding with RTFM), and 'I got a condescending remark from one of the mods.  This was in the "newbie" section of the forum!

Furthermore, when I suggested that sometimes one can update the repository database and then install some packages without a system upgrade, I got a scolding.

Also, I got a decidedly cold reception when I mentioned that I was able to quickly install a minimal version Arch using the CTK liveCD.

It's a very stifling environment over there.  I am very glad that this forum is more helpful and less stuffy!

Now, I am making a "media tools distribution":  Centering around openshot, audacity, and gimp. uses XFCE, and network manager instead of wicd(adds plug and play 3g modem support).

That sounds great!  Please keep us posted on your progress.

I initially used LXDE(like you), but opted for XFCE when I couldn't figure out automount permissions with the udev/hal/polkit/fuse clusterfuck, and XFCE is more mature.

I must confess that I am not crazy about XFCE.  I would choose a window manager that demands fewer resources, so that I could utilize more CPU cycles and memory for editing/rendering in Open Shot.  By the way, I plan to attend the Open Shot seminar at SCALE next week.

Also, there are lots of ways to automount.  As I recall, the old Dynebolic media liveCD mounted everything that was connected on boot (whether you wanted something mounted or not).  It might be helpful in general to take a look at how Dynebolic did things.  I seem to remember that installing it was as simple as dragging a couple of directories onto the HD (and making the necessary config changes in the boot loader).

Personally, I could live without automount.

Also, you should be aware that one of the great things about CTK is that it lacks HAL, so it has significantly less of a "clusterf**k!"

Looking forward to trying your liveCD!
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Loving my CTKarch install.

I seem to recall something about GRUB during the instalation that was a little disconcerting.  I think I wasn't allowed to keep my current bootloader.  Is that the way the installation is configured, or do we get to choose between the existing bootloader or CTK's GRUB?  I seem to remember not having a big objection to it, because it was not using GRUB 2 (I have heard a lot of bad things about GRUB 2).

One sticking point that I definitely remember is not being allowed to use my existing /home partition without "wiping" it.  I had to install everything on the root partition, then go in and manually change /etc/fstab.  Of course, that borked the default CTK user configuration, but with chat help from Calimero, I was able to restore the nice defaults.  However, I ended up going with Icewm, anyway.

Thanks for the great distro!
In topic "Website registration, avatar"
I don't know if anyone else has experienced this problem during registration for this website, but I was consistently getting a "wrong captcha" message about eight times, before I finally realized that the actual problem was that I didn't have my browser set to accept cookies.

Don't know if it's possible to change the error message, but changing it would help if this problem happens to others.

Also, I couldn't figure out how to customize one's avatar.
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