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In forum "User support"
In topic "[nvidia card] screen flickers (solved)"
I have a problem with my screen flickering off and on. If i leave my pc on over night it stops flickering. But as soon as i restart it starts all over again. Can anyone help me solve this issue, it is very annoying.
Yes i have sucessfully upgraded the complete system, even tried reinstalling the nvidia drivers. I have search many forums but so far nothing has fixed this. It might be that i have a glitchy video card. But I havent gave up yet.
Ok definately have a software/driver issue here. I replaced the nvidia 8600 with an nvidia 8400 and i still have the same screen flicker. Plus i noticed at boot i get all these nouveau errors at boot, and my boot time is quite a bit longer then most of what ive read about. My boot time is less then 2 mins, but is not coming close to the 18sec boot, that i read on a post.

Motherboard: Asus m2n32-SLI-Deluxe
Ram: 8GB I forget the brand
Video Card: evga 8400 GS 512MB
Hard Drive: 240 gig seagate
Processor: AMD Athlon 64bit 5200+
CtkArch linux fully updated
Sorry for got to add, this is the command i used to update the nvidia drivers  pacman -S xf86-video-nouveau
this had no effect.

And the answer to uname -r is 3.1.1-1-ARCH
Calimero: Tried that nvidia driver and i lost my gui. In other words it would boot to a terminal command prompt where i could login and make changes and uninstall nvidia and reinstalled nouvea-dri and got my gui back. By gui I mean the for lack of better words, my desktop with the fbpanel and a mouse.

The weird thing I just found out if after I reboot and my screen starts to flicker, if I unplug the vga cable for 5 seconds and plug it back in the screen stops flickering and works fine until I reboot.

Cereal-Killer may have a point it could be the refresh rate.

I know the hardware is good cuz it works fine on windows7. And the monitor is working fine as well.
They were the first things I checked out before posting.

Calimero: I have spent days looking for a way to disable the monitor sleep function or low power mode, Im not quite sure what you would call it. But i would like my monitor to always be on, never shut off or go to sleep. I would appreciate any advise you could give me.
mandog: Thanx for the reply, I did what you said and it didnt work.
Cereal-Killer: I checked out that log file, and to be honest with you. I didnt understand most of it.

However I did notice that DPMS is the screen power manager.
So I did a search on DPMS, and found this:

Disable DPMS and prevent screen from turning off
Type this into terminal "xset -dpms;xset s off" minus the quotes,

It worked great.

Thanks to Cereal-Killer & mandog for steering me in the right direction.

Thanks Cereal-Killer. I added that line and tagged out the one.
I wondered what was reseting my DPMS everytime i rebooted.

As far as the screen flicker goes I'm ordering a new video card, and ATI HD card.
I think the screen flicker is a refresh rate problem with my monitor.
It can only do 2 resolutions 800x600 and 1024x768. And has been glichy with any deviations.
But in HD mode it has more options and in the past I have had less problems with HD.

It is and LCD screen, and I shut it off manually whenever I'm gone.

The reason I wanted to disable it is because everytime I watched a live video stream.(justin.tv)
My screen would go blank after 10mins.
But when I watched a movie that I downloaded it would be fine.
In topic "[.deb teamviewer] a way to install it? (solved)"
Basically what Im looking for is, how do I install programs that arent in the arch repositories. I really like teamviewer and I would love to have it on my Archbox. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
Thank you very much Calimero. I am understading archlinux much better now. I was wondering if there is a package list somewhere and i was wondering how can i edit my date/time format, it is showing military time and i would like a normal 12 hour clock format.

I just love this version of linux, i have used ubuntu for about 3yrs now, until they went to ubuntu 11.

But I did like that it had a list of packages to make it easier to find programs to install.

Calimero: thanks so much for your help and patience.

I appoligize for useing the term, "this version of linux"
I meant only to compliment you on such a fine job on this software distrubition/setup.
And I am impressed at the speed you have responded to my posts.

As far as the package list is concerned, I had no idea it existed.
So I thank you again for steering me in the right direction, you have taught me a great deal here.

In topic "[Printing] Cannon mp280 driver"
I've been trying for several weeks now to get my printer working.
I have downloaded drivers and tried to install them but I always get an error.
I know ubuntu uses cups to print and it always automatically installed the driver
and setup the printer, is there a way to get CTKArchlinux to do that?

I appreciate any help with this.

Thank you:
In forum "Suggestions"
In topic "[Dual-Boot-Live-DVD] 32bit & 64bit"
I think a dual boot dvd iso,
that will boot either 32 or 64 bit would be of benefit.
I know I would put it to use.

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