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In forum "Suggestions"
In topic "Remaster script"
I just stubled upon another interesting site:


The author has a "mkusb.sh" script that remasters the live session into a squashfs, thereby mergingwhatever changes you made in the live. its very similar to Calimero script, one difference is its merging it into one iso or squashfs.

Maybe a good idea for CTK also?

Its designed for gentoo, but im sure it wouldnt be difficult to adapt to CTK.
As far as i understand the CTK script, it only adds addons to the iso, so that the iso will always grow when the user updates files or replaces one application with another one. Maybe im wrong, but if after some time every application has been updated the iso will more or less double its size.

A complete remaster would allow the user to create its own base CTK live iso and then still be able to modularize using the great addon functionality you developped.

Dont take this as critisism, im just a beginner.

Thx for your suggestions.
In forum "Add-ons"
In topic "Virtualbox Guest additions 4.0.4"
Since im using Arch in Virtualbox alot i decided to try Your addon script. It worked very well and so here are the guest additions for a CTKArch guest inside Virtualbox.
They include two files: the first are the tools and the second ist just the autostart of VBoxClient-all script.

I tested them in my machine but i would appreciate someone else to verify the validity.

Same in french:

Comme j´utilise Arch uniquement dans un environnement virtuel j´ai essayé ton script pour créer un addon pour les guest additons de virtualbox. Avec ces deux fichiers il est désormais possible de lancer les guest additions automatiquement lors du démarrage de la livecd. Si quelqu´un pourrait vérifier la validité j´en serais bien content.

link (2.7 MB) :

[edited by calimero] Notes:
This add-on is a 32-bit version ; the 2nd file in the original archive (http://www.filedropper.com/vbox) contains nothing (just logs).
In topic "Packer from AUR"
This is packer from AUR of Archlinux including perl and git as dependency.


Size 4.5 Mo
ok thx for clarification.

Is the script you are referring to public?
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