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Posted: Apr 26, 2011 9:49:47 am

Hi all,
very good job for this useful and beautyful CTKArch and glad to be here  (C)  I'm an archuser and like to know the "delta" file(s) -i.e. diff file(s)- from the minimal
standard installation of arch so that i can apply this equation: archlinux_standard_install + "Delta_files=CTKArch-0.7; I like so much openbox but was discouraged for
its configuration. Tnx in advance  :) 
Posted: Apr 26, 2011 10:53:46 am

That's precisely the Overlay folder in the sources of the live-cd.
Of course the sources are available on the same page as the ISO image: ctkarch.org/download/0.7

Also see packages.list, and this is it.

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