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Posted: Jun 02, 2011 12:21:23 pm

I've been a long time Arch user and came across CTKarch, so I'm giving it a shot. All of my stuff is done majorly by my Laptop, so though it's a newer laptop, minimal is good. Hoping to like this as much as Arch.

Just one question: How is netbook support? Arch is not completely friendly with my netbook. I have yet to get any kind of environment besides command line running on it.
Posted: Jun 02, 2011 3:37:28 pm

Well, this is just Arch Linux with Xorg, a small desktop (openbox, panel) and a small selection of useful apps.

If this live-cd didn't exist and you had asked me to install Arch with a desktop and some apps on your computer, that's what you would get. ;)

“Netbook support” is quite a vague notion; do you mean hardware support?
Most netbooks have Intel graphics, and support for these is good under GNU/Linux/X.org, and, thus, so is it under Arch Linux, which is a GNU/Linux distribution offering X.org in its repos.
And, well, CTKArch is just Arch Linux with Xorg pre-installed…

Did you try the live-system out? Are you just wondering, or do you really have compatibility issues??
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