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Posted: Aug 07, 2011 12:49:41 am

Hey guys

i tried to name the topic the best i could!! its to many to list to put them in here

i have tried googling alot of this and the wiki's and its been of no help to me, idk maybe im just not smart lol

though the wiki did help me install the nvidia drivers. that was a pain with libgl

though after rebooting, i had to do nvidia-xconfig in admin with X stopped to activate the drivers, that was abit rought to find out

ok onto the questions

- How do i make PCManFM show my home folder, filesystem and mounted drives, it shows my home folder and everything else as sdc/sda/sdb and there partitions

- How do i create a new folder in the home directy, everytime i try to make a folder or file, nothing happens, i right click the white are, new, create folder, nothing appears

- is there any sort of gui programs for browsing the AUR/packages, and updating the system, things to do it for you that are compatable with openbox, i know KDE has some. they use them in the kde derive of arch , Chakra linux

im curious if those programs are available or can be used in openbox/ctk

thats pretty much it, beyond those phew issues everythings running like a dream
Posted: Aug 07, 2011 2:32:53 pm

Did you not see that? ctkarch.org/documentation/tutorials/tuto.php?page=nvidia-blob.xml

Pcmanfm does display everything… and in v0.9.9 (coming soon) there is an eject button for mounted partitions.
I don't have problems creating folders. File, New…

To browse AUR, use a web browser or yaourt?

What's with the "openbox compatibility"? Such a thing doesn't make sense. Everything is compatible (isn't it ?)
Shaman doesn't come with KDE but was made by the chakra devs, yes. You can also use gtkpacman (doesn't do AUR).
Use yaourt, definitely. It's included. Or Shaman if you want to.

The other questions are unclear to me.

PS: nice that you made an effort for the topic… not specific enough though; edited.
Posted: Aug 07, 2011 3:10:36 pm

please dont take my posts as critism, i love CTKArch, these are just issue's ive become confused with, im a debian user who's recently switched to the Arch side. and im still learning alot

the NVIDIA situation is all fine. your guide was very useful xD

i finally figured out Yaourt and its made life very easy =D

as for creating folders. i have no idea whats happening there, maybe somehow im not a member of the admin groups. but for some reason the create isnt working for me

by compatability. as i said, im used to debian. alot of programs in debian only work in certain area's, or require a million lib downloads xD

After discovering Yaourt, thats made life much easier and quicker and fix's dependancys etc itself which is really nice

and last but not least, i cant wait for 0.9.9 xD

ill be downloading it the day its out =DD!!!!

I love CTKArch man, uve done a great job, as i said in my most recent post, just need to figure out a phew little things. its a totally different system to debian and its like im relearning linux all over again
Posted: Aug 07, 2011 5:31:44 pm

I appreciate criticism as much as you may like this arch setup! One doesn't learn from his success, only from his failures.

If you want pcmanfm 0.9.9 now, simply run yaourt -S pcmanfm-git
Posted: Aug 08, 2011 7:49:45 am

"Shaman doesn't come with KDE but was made by the chakra devs, yes. You can also use gtkpacman (doesn't do AUR)"
Shaman is inactive, and Gtkpacman also, replaced by Wakka (but there's some problem to support new pacman's db); you can test Appset (package "appset-qt", systray icon for updates, AUR support if you install Packer), Packagekit (Gtk or Qt version), or Pcurses (like Aptitude ;)  ).
more details here, but like Calimero, I think Yaourt is better and powerfull (you must read the man for all options).
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