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Posted: Aug 07, 2011 2:51:58 pm

hey guys

Ok basically, the grub that the CTKArch installer comes with is abit of a pain. now for some it works, but for some the menu.lst grub system just doesnt work, multi boot is a pain

and removing it and adding grub 2 is even worse, its just been error, after error even when following the archwiki guide to the dot

Now. i do love CTK, i just wish the installer like the latest archiso or archboot, had the option for grub2-bios which does it all automatically during the installation

Grub 2 has always worked out of the box for me in most distro's. even back in opensuse, i had problems with grub legacy/menu.lst and dual booting


Im wondering, is there any package program, aur program , or easier way to install grub 2 and get something like sudo update-grub. like in ubuntu

or can i maybe use a ubuntu live cd and install grub that way to the hard drive that has CTK

i have hard disks

sda1 = 120GB backup drive
sdb = 500GB Windows 7 drive
sdc = 500GB CTKArch

Now with the menu.lst its not that i cant get it working, changing a phew lines i eventually got it to boot just fine. its just a pain to have to do that, when grub 2 these days has sudo update-grub in most distro's and everythings automatic and even whilst following the wiki, i followed every line to the dot, i just got error after error, like it cant mount the drive, or theres a block and i somehow ended up with grub on the 120GB hard disk

i just wish Arch/CTKArch especially had an option like that
Posted: Aug 07, 2011 5:38:59 pm

Arch has grub-mkconfig and osprober. Feel free to use them…
By the way, you cannot use a debian/ubuntu livecd for this.

The thing with the bootloader is that I can't know what we would want, so I decided to provide an optional grub 0.97 setup and nothing more…

If you already have grub installed for another distro, simply add the boot entry for ctkarch; or install grub to the root partition and chainload it.
That's my advice, but you're free to do whatever you want. ;)

Of course I'm interested, if you have a good idea to improve the installer.
When I don't know how to do something well, I prefer not to do it at all.

It looks like your problem is that you're lost when you're let free to do what you want.
When dealing with a case such as this one, you must imagine a working solution and then put it in place. That's the Arch way.
Posted: Aug 08, 2011 1:57:37 am

what exactly is mkconfig and osprober and are these used with grub 2, or can i use these commands/features with the grub it generally installs, and well as for the CTKInstaller. i really think having the grub2-bios option that the normal arch and archboot has would be a good addition

ive read alot of reviews about CTKArch, there all good, but most talk about getting grub2 as a necessary. its just the "new stuff" that everyone uses these days and most distro's either have that or ubuntu's grub 2/debian
Posted: Aug 08, 2011 7:20:37 pm

Well, GRUB2 is heavier than GRUB-0.97 so I chose not to include it. Performance, that's my entire point.
And who needs more than GRUB 0.97 for a simple setup?

I think you may only need grub2 for usb keyboard support; and if so, then you can install it yourself (using chroot after the installation is complete).
That's what I do when I need usb keyboard support at the bootloader, and the BIOS doesn't support it. (which also means no access to the bios setup… but some people have that)

Being brand new and fancy and all doesn't mean that grub2 is useful.
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