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Posted: Aug 07, 2011 2:59:08 pm

Hey guys

i must be annoying hehe :D  so many problems - i do research google. but i get confused, or the answer doesnt workout for me. id just like to add that regardless of these issues i do love CTKArch, you guys provided an easy to use, presetup arch openbox, which saves me alot of pain

I just need to get these issue's out of the way and ill be stable on it. because beyond the phew posts that ive made here. everything else runs like a dream come true, especially my linux native games

Ok basically. after installing CTKArch, i installed the LXTerminal ( i prefer this because it has an X and maximise button on the top window , the default one doesnt )

But for some reason the LXTerminal is transparent. and i have no clue how to change it to the usual black and white

The other issue with both terminals, is whenever i copy and paste a long line of code into the LXTerminal ( the default one doesnt let me copy and paste ) it does this weird thing and puts text over other text and i cant see the lines properly and if i back space it backspaces everything in the name@terminal> dissapears
Posted: Aug 07, 2011 5:46:00 pm

The "default" terminal (urxvt) has voluntarily no borders, you have no need to install a sluggish terminal such as lxterm…
It's not urxvt itself having no borders, it's my Openbox config that doesn't decorate urxvt.

Just edit ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml and see at the end:
XML Code:
<application name="urxvt">

Change the “no” to “yes”.

If you want transparency on urxvt, you can right-click the desktop, Environment, Effects, Transparency.

And by the way, read the CTKArch Documentation about handling windows and copy/paste, please! (see the Documentation part of this site)
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