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Posted: Aug 12, 2011 12:12:39 pm

Hi everyone and thank's a lot for reading!

I installed CTkArch after Windows 7 got complete destroyed by an update. The system however freezes from time to time making it quite unusable. It takes about 1 minute to 2 hours after boot. I can still move the mouse cursor but anything else freezes. I am not sure if this is a specific CTk problem but the machine (Lenovo W510) is just 3 month old and experienced no potential physical damage. CTK also froze after a while, while I was using it via USB Stick. I used the USB Stick at other machines without freezes but I didnt use it for long times. I ran memtest86+ (not the complete check) which found no problems. It also cannot be related to my harddrive in my opinion because USB produces the same problem.
The freeze happened at random occasions, I remember opening a firefox download, doing stuff in the filemanager, loading a website, but it also froze while I wasn't present. E.g. with the usb-system I used filezilla to backup my windows personal folder, so I only had filezilla running, wicd-client, openbox and the standard panel...
If you have any idea how to solve the problem or what tests to do, I would be very happy!

Posted: Aug 13, 2011 12:38:06 pm

Could it be your processor overheating?
Or the video card. Which card is it? (lspci |grep VGA will answer this question)

Another important question: when it freezes, are the caps lock and/or scroll lock leds flashing?
This would mean a kernel panic, not a hardware freeze, which is very different.
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