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Posted: Mar 18, 2014 3:16:10 pm


I have a old vaio PCG-U3 which currently runs windows XP pro. It does not boot via USB (no option, not even with plop boot manager). Also for for booting via a CD it needs a special firewire based CD/DVD drive which I do not have. XP runs dead slow on this machine so I decided to give Arch a try. The reason for this is the following link. An additional reason is that it has ATI MOBILITY RADEON-M 8MB graphics, which gave me a white screen when I tried Puppy Linux(Windows Installer), but I believe CTK Arch can bypass this (but how? need instructions here too!).

I need to know if I can install CTK arch from within windows or another Linux distro (if can get it to work) using the bootstrap ISO here. I am fairly new in Linux so any help is much appreciated.

Thanks and regards

Posted: Jun 05, 2014 9:06:44 am

Sorry for the late answer.

Sure, you can just copy the boot folder to a hard disk you put into the machine, and run syslinux on it. Done!

Or, use your own bootloader on the kernel (vmlinuz26) and initramfs (archiso.img)
Don't forget to provide the kernel with some arguments in your bootloader if you do this:
CONF Code:
archisolabel=CTKArch7 locale=en_US.UTF-8 keymap=us,us- quiet

CTKArch 0.7 doesn't have the special geode-compatible kernel, so I don't know if that will run properly afterwards.

However, there is a ctkarch 0.4 release for i586, did you know that?

I still run it on Compaq 1246 laptops.

If you get past all this and your video card still gives a white screen, try the various options in misc options → xorg options at boot.
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