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Posted: Feb 02, 2011 11:16:30 pm

I have built a usb live clone of a HD-installation of CTKarch 0.6 using 72linus's livecd-kit contained in his kernel26-livecd 2.6.37-1 kernel from AUR.
The kernel I use is built from another kernel package from AUR: kernel26-pf 2.6.37-pf2. But I used the kernel configuration of 72linus's kernel package.

Using tools from the toolbox in 72linus's livecd-kit I modified arch2lzm for creating lzm-modules from .xz archives. Using it I have built the module
qjackctl-0.3.6-1-i686.lzm and installed it with the activate command from the toolbox. Everything was OK. But I had to reboot before I got the
corresponding qjackctl menu-entry.

Question: how can I update the menu tree without rebooting?
Posted: Feb 02, 2011 11:29:31 pm

You didn't say which menu you are referring to.

If you're talking about fbpanel's menu, just run :
Alt+F2,  killall fbpanel
Alt+F2,  fbpanel
And it will reload the menu of the panel.

Hot-reloading the menu will maybe come in fbpanel. Feel free to tell the author about it!

For the menu on the wallpaper, openbox's menu : it should be reloaded every time you pop it.

PS: by the way I didn't really understand what you are doing, I only answered for the menu.
Note that the sources of ctkarch 0.6 are available : you don't have to instal to make a livecd from that! (and it's not a very clean means)
If that scares you (not that it's a good reason!), you should maybe have a closer look to including add-ons in the iso (use isomaster).
You can even change its kernel this way!
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