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Posted: May 10, 2011 4:04:45 pm

Hello, congratulations, excellent way to install Archlinux.

1) I have following issue, when wish update my Archlinux

resolviendo dependencias...
precaución: no se pudo resolver "yajl>=2.0", una dependencia de "package-query"
:: El siguiente paquete no se puede actualizar debido a dependencias que no se pudieron resolver:

2) How put pcmanfm in the panel of openbox.

3. is there someone minimizer windows to openbox?

Thank you

Sorry for my english
Posted: May 10, 2011 5:05:39 pm

The same thing happened to me because I hadn't read the documentation. Edit /etc/pacmand/mirrorlist

change PHP Code:
# Frozen repository using ARM
Server = http://arm.konnichi.com/2011/04/06/$repo/os/$archh

PHP Code:
# Frozen repository using ARM
#Server = http://arm.konnichi.com/2011/04/06/$repo/os/$arch


PHP Code:
pacman -Syu

The 2 options for panels  on a fresh install are fbpanel and tint2.

Fbpanel has a menu icon and the File manager (pcmanfm) is in the Utilities submenu.

~/.config/tint2/tint2rc can be edited for single_desktop or multi_desktop in the Taskbar section.

Tint2 doesn't have a menu icon and Fbpanel doesn't seem to support mutilple desktops.

Bmpanel2 is a good alternative if you want to switch to multiple desktops and launch applications from the panel.

bmpanel2cfg is the command for the bmpanel2 configuration tool.

Bmpanel2 can be installed from AUR

Follow the instructions here

parted /dev/sda set 1 boot on
Posted: May 10, 2011 5:30:02 pm

I edited the reversed explanation about commenting the line in mirrorlist.

Sigh… this pseudo update-issue due to voluntarily freezing the repositories (as explained in the documentation, part installation) causes many people (who don't read the doc') to wonder what's happening…
Of course it's not consistent to update without setting the updated repo.
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