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Posted: Jul 05, 2011 6:42:32 am

i have made an iso based on your ctkarch and i can't seem to make it boot from my usb.  first i unsquashed your root-image.  i removed the stuff i didn't like (openbox).  then i added all my own stuff (xfce, home dir, etc.) and resquished it. i tweaked syslinux.cfg to default to english.  then i put the iso back together with isomaster.  awesome,  worked perfect.

i booted it in virtualbox,  used your install scripts,  worked perfect.

then i dd'ed it onto a flash drive,  but it will not boot.  i tried a couple times,  no joy.
then i dd'ed the regular ctkarch to the same drive... it worked like it was supposed to.  wtf?
then i tried to replace your root-image with my new remastered root-image....no...read only file system.

what have i missed?  does something in /syslinux have to be edited?  if it boots in virtualbox, im sure it will boot from a real cd on real hardware,  unfortunately i have no cd drive to test with.

if i was able to unsquash, chroot, and mksquash, why can't i dd the finished product?
btw.. i love this project.  ctk is the best thing since slax.  good job.

sorry, i speak french at a grade 8 Canadian public school level,  not good enough to bilingually post.

Posted: Jul 05, 2011 8:11:38 am

You could have used add-ons to do this. ;)
Anyway, to make the hybrid ISO, use this: sprunge.us/AgEg

Note that this script requires syslinux installed.
Posted: Jul 06, 2011 1:12:35 am

thanks.  btw ,that link is being blocked by a websense filter.  (i work for the government,  and am living at a gov't operated fire base).  anyhow,  i did a little 'google translate' proxy and got it.  thankyou

  i do use addons to their full potential for all  my games, virtualbox, and compiz.  but, what i wanted was an installable cd of MY setup.  i have been running the same arch install for a couple years and everything  is PERFECT.
i wanted that level of control.  i didn't use addons because there was too many things that i wanted to remove.  there was going to be too many whiteout files.

people that use arch tend to be very particular their computing environment.  that's why we use arch.  we need total control.

if i had one suggestion pertaining to ctkarch....your root-image would be nothing more than a core install with xorg and all the drivers.  your openbox setup would be an addon.  then those of us who prefer not to use openbox could disable that addon.  like slax used to have  base, kde, firefox, office, etc...

ok..  i have to reboot to see if it works.......take a deep breath.... $sudo reboot   
Posted: Jul 06, 2011 9:17:13 pm

Yeah, well I had envisioned this possibility, but Slax already exists!

What I had in mind (but most likely will never have the time to do):

That said, making your own livecd is great. You seem to be perfectly able to do this. ;)
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