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Posted: Jan 07, 2012 8:47:08 pm


I just had time now in the holidays to test it deeper and I really love CTKarch - I have tested quite a lot of Music and Video software and it runs perfect - better than all the Music-Multimedia distros.

It would be cool, to get a Minimal iso, only with system-tools, leafpad and pcmanfm - nothing else.
Posted: Jan 10, 2012 9:38:25 am

There is already a similar topic: ctkarch.org/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3&t_id=3

The fact is, I missed time for this.
Posted: Jan 15, 2012 5:54:15 pm

ok - I tried to follow the archiso howto first to make the basic iso, but I get all the time the error:

FATAL: Hook 'virtio' can not be found.

mkinitcpio.conf  says:

HOOKS="base udev archiso virtio filesystems"

but there is no virtio in /home/arch/archlive/lib/initcpio/hooks and it is nowhere else
Posted: Jan 16, 2012 12:20:32 pm

Archiso has evolved a lot since the last time I really knew how it worked, so I'll have to look at the details;
But well, your mkinitcpio.conf file doesn't seem right.

You didn't give the link to the “Archiso howto” you used. Either you didn't follow it properly, or it's outdated, or you're not using archiso-git.

Note that Svenstaro is the developer of Archiso; I am a mere user.
Posted: Jan 16, 2012 7:34:57 pm


and I followed the

Building the most basic Arch Linux live media. (configs/baseline)
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