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Posted: Oct 05, 2012 4:43:52 pm

If you ever release 0.8, please consider these replacements:

PCManFM > SpaceFM
xcompmgr > compton/compton-git
Xarchiver > file-roller

I find the above suggested replacements less buggy, even after installing and updating.

leafpad > medit

I just prefer medit.
Posted: Nov 09, 2012 8:00:09 am

Leafpad is not the same thing as medit, it's just a minimalistic text editor.
Leafpad is a lot smaller on disk than medit as well, so I'll probably keep leafpad, but note is taken and I could maybe include a full-fledged graphical text editor.

spacefm is interesting, I need to see if it can replace pcmanfm for everything I use it for.

I eventually resorted to xcompmgr after seeing that -dana wasn't any less buggy.
I mean, I'll test it (as well as xcompmgr), but adding a package from AUR means I have to maintain it in the [archlinuxfr] repo. Well, why not but it has to be worth the trouble.

I will without a doubt replace xarchiver with file-roller, however it's in GTK3 now, and I need GTK3 themes. I'd like them to have the same colors and shapes as the present ones.
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