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Posted: Apr 15, 2011 12:08:29 pm

This is packer from AUR of Archlinux including perl and git as dependency.


Size 4.5 Mo
Posted: Apr 16, 2011 9:29:54 pm

It's not quite a good idea to share add-ons made by "including all changes done in live", because they include a lot of unclean stuff: logs, config files generated for *your* computer. That sould not hurt, but…
(use unsquashfs -l youraddon.sqfs to see its contents)

I haven't had the time to explain that yet, but for public add-ons I use a clean build system based on a simple script.
Posted: Apr 17, 2011 4:58:01 pm

ok thx for clarification.

Is the script you are referring to public?
Posted: Apr 18, 2011 2:56:52 pm

It's just a canvas for making add-on generation scripts.
And the problem in the current case is that it doesn't have a part for AUR packages yet.
I will post it in this section of the forum when it's ready.

I suggest you to do the following:
Use the live system, and as user run:
cd /tmp
yaourt -G packer
cd packer/
makepkg -s

Then use mkaddon as root, and use 'get a shell', then run:
pacman -Uf /tmp/packer/packer*.pkg.tar.xz -r .

And finally use the add_packages option to include git if you want (it's not compulsory for packer: it's a makedepend)

That's a simple way of obtaining a clean packer add-on.
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