New components for CTKArch

2014 / 06 / 09

The project isn't dead; I was just lacking the time for it.

You'll have noticed the new Dev section on the site.
In the last three years, I had time to think about the development process for CTKArch, and it eventually seemed obvious that its components had to be packaged. That way, updates can be distributed via the repositories, thus limiting manual intervention.

The goal, of course, is that the CTKArch setup not be broken by Arch updates.

CTKArch 0.7 released

2011 / 04 / 07

CTKArch features a new optional bright theme!

Files are ordered in the iso to fasten the boot and Asunder (for cdrip) was added. This version allows you to turn your live into a “nomad install” by saving all system changes in a folder of the persistent data partition. MKaddon supports AUR packages.

Interface details have been improved: default file associations, environment menu, support for laptops' volume buttons…
Links: forum topic | ArchLinux BBS forum topic | (FR) ArchLinux-fr forum topic | (FR) LinuxFR announce

New website

2011 / 01 / 16

CTKArch has a new website!

It uses the graphics of the official Arch Linux site and is written simply, as it should be. ☺
If you are interested, the sources are available here.

CTKArch on

2010 / 12 / 15

Wow. I didn't expect my tiny live system to be taken for a distribution when I started “just for fun”!
But it looks like it is now worth a page on Distrowatch!

This had very good consequences: I received a lot of good advice and ideas by e-mail!

CTKArch 0.6 released

2010 / 11 / 03

CTKArch, formerly only available in French, is now translated to English!

HAL has been deleted (faster boot!), Sylpheed (e-mail) and volumeicon added, and it has complete early KMS support, now that Nouveau is in the repositories. Installation on memory cards and the new BTRFS filesystem are now supported.

Addons can now be put on the CD image (with isomaster), and advanced copy-to-ram options are available.
Links: ArchLinux BBS forum topic (en) | LinuxFr announce (fr) | ArchLinux-fr forum topic (fr)

Update script for CTKArch 0.5

2010 / 10 / 18

Updating version 0.5 causes some problems due to configuration changes upstream.
HAL is forsaken for and mounting removable storage media (we now use udisks); nouveau is now in the official repositories, and fbpanel's configuration slightly changed.

That was partly due to the early support for Nouveau's video acceleration and to hard-coded optimisations of the initscripts. I hope you won't blame me for that, for I learned from those errors.

The script is there. Note that it will finish the update whether you started it or not. Enjoy!