CTKArch upgrade notes

Don't try to update CTKArch 0.7

I'm very sorry I didn't write clearly about that earlier. Do not try to update a CTKArch 0.7 install.

I didn't know whether it would even be possible; it appears that it is, but so difficult that I myself couldn't do it. For fun though, somebody managed to do it, so it's theoretically not impossible.

So what to do?
I've done it countless times since the migrations leading to systemd broke everything: you can just install Arch Linux following the wiki, install the packages and copy the configuration from the Overlay/home/arch folder in the sources to your user's home directory. A few adjustments are needed (commands to suspend/shutdown) but that's it.

CTKArch 0.8 will happen, though I'm not sure when due my lack of free time so far and the amount of work still required to do things properly. I've made some progress though, see the Dev section of the site.

Sat, 13 Jun 2015 17:48:43 +0200

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